You can use blobbr to express yourself, to learn more about your friends, and to see what the world is thinking.
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Choose a blobb

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blobbr widgets

get a widget!

Get a widget to embed on your website or your blog. Widgets are fully customizable and make it easy to share your dropps with the world.
blobbr bookmarklets

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Is there a blobb that you respond to often? Create a bookmarklet and you can respond to it without leaving the site you're on at the time.
blobbr badges

earn badges!

You can earn badges by posting a certain number of blobbs or dropps, dropping for several consecutive days, and dropping during holidays and other special events.
There are even some special badges awarded randomly. The more you participate the more chances you'll have to win one of these rare badges.
Blobbr was designed and built by Elenor Collings. It's built with the Phork Framework for PHP and uses jQuery for Javascript. The Flash widget was written by Billy Shin. The bookmarklet, heart, link, trash can, and stats page icons have been modified from the LED icon set.