When you sponsor a blobb you get to take advantage of several special features detailed below. If you'd like to sponsor a blobb please contact us at for more information. The blobbrbots are working hard to automate this process.

Prominent placement

Sponsored blobbs have higher visibility because they're displayed on the homepage as well as at the top of the featured blobb page.

Custom branding

When you sponsor a blobb you have the option to brand it with your company logo and a link to your site. Check out the example below of how a branded blobb can look.

Dropp Statistics

Every sponsored blobb includes a custom page available only to you that contains a summary of all the responses. Check out the screenshot below or see a live example. Responses are anonymous and not tied to individual users.

Custom Badges

If you want to create extra incentives for people to respond to your blobb, or if you just want to reward your favorite dropps, you can create custom badges to go along with your sponsored blobb.

sponsored blobb preview sponsored blobb stats preview