What is Blobbr?

Blobbr is a great way to express yourself both here, and across all your social media sites. You no longer have to update your mood, your favorite movies, your favorite bands, or anything else on multiple sites. Just create a blobb here, and embed a widget there.

How is Blobbr different from other polling apps?

Blobbr's focus is on you and your responses rather than the aggregate results. We make it easy to create and share interesting dropps with your friends instead of just tallying up the responses and lumping you in with everyone else.

Who creates the blobbs?

Any registered user can create a blobb here.

What type of blobb should I create?

You can create any blobb you want, although we do like blobbs that will enhance your profile.

For example your favorite people / places / things / movies / bands / games / food, who do you want to win an election / contest / reality show, what are you doing / wearing / thinking / listening to / watching / eating. The possibilities are endless.

How do I add friends?

You can follow another user by going to their profile page and clicking on the "FOLLOW" link in the top right.

What are featured blobbs?

Featured blobbs are blobbs that we think are fun and interesting. Featured blobbs generally work well in widgets.

What are sponsored blobbs?

Sponsored blobbs are blobbs that have been paid for in exchange for priority positioning and custom branding. If you would like to sponsor a blobb please go here for more information.

What are tags?

Tags make it easy to find blobbs matching a certain subject. They can also be used to tag a certain type of blobb, for example a profile blobb is a good blobb to use in a profile widget and a daily blobb is a blobb that's suitable to be filled out at least once daily.

What are badges?

Badges are fun little rewards for participating. You can earn badges by creating blobbs, creating dropps, and by participating on certain special days. There are even some rare badges thrown in that you have a chance to earn after you've created a certain amount of dropps.

Each sponsored blobb you answer increases your chance to earn a rare badge.

What are widgets?

A widget is a little snippet of code that you can embed on your own website, blog, Facebook page, MySpace page, or any other site that will allow you to embed Flash or Javascript. Widgets are fully customizable using the widget builder and can display your dropps in a variety of ways.

You can pick and choose which blobbs you want to include in your widget, which means you could create a widget just showing your latest mood, or a widget with your favorite profile blobbs. You can also build a widget that just shows all your latest dropps to any blobb.

We've created several widget configurations for you to get started with.

Can I build my own widget?

Yes! We encourage you to build your own Javascript widgets. If you'd like a starting point, check out the uncompressed Javascript for the official Blobbr widget.

What are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are little snippets of Javascript that you save as a bookmark in your browser. When you click on a bookmarklet it will bring up a blobb response form on top of whatever page you're currently browsing. Bookmarklets make it simple to add dropps to the blobbs that you respond to frequently.

Do you have an API?

Yes we do! You can get all the details on the API page.

Who created Blobbr?

Blobbr was designed and built by Elenor Collings. It's built with the Phork Framework for PHP and uses jQuery for Javascript.

The Flash widget was written by Billy Shin. The bookmarklet, heart, link, trash can, and stats page icons have been modified from the LED icon set.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you have.